Tuesday, 22 August 2017

GAMING : Lego The Hobbit

Ello Everybody! 

So its time for a little Gaming review.

I tend to only write these if I have 100 percented a game, just because I like to see the whole picture rather than just part of it. 

So as part of my August Goals, I set myself the challenge of getting 100 percent on Lego the Hobbit and getting the platinum trophy. 

I managed to do it by the 20th so I was pleased as punch.

 I spent roughly two and a half days glued to the playstation and barely leaving the bedroom. 

I had some time to use of holiday so what better way than gaming? 

Sadly, I kinda feel like I might have wasted my time. 

Honestly. I hate writing a negative review, but this is by far the worst Lego game that I have ever played and I have played through most of them. 

There are a few reasons as to why I would advise against buying it:

1) Its glitchy beyond belief.

This is coming from someone that plays Fallout 4 and Skyrim regularly.... the game crashes and when its not crashing, it doesn't recognise the controls. There is the glitch that it doesn't jump correctly, it won't let you target something when you have the right character and you are standing in the right spot.... honestly the amount of times I googled something and it was a common search for that problem.... ergh

2) The story is incomplete. 

The battle of five armies is not on there. It was intended to be DLC, but it never came. There was so much more to give. I wanted to be Smaug fgs, he's the best thing about the whole game. Lego Dragon for life yo.

3) The game feels as though there is no heart 

Kinda feels rushed. The other Lego games that I have played feel as though they were made by fans. This feels as though they made it cos the films were out. Lego Lord of the Rings was a great game... this is poor in comparison. Please make Lego LOTR backwards compatible! 

4) It repeats quests and it feels never-ending in a bad way 

Honestly ffs. 

All in all, I would suggest not buying it. Its frustrating at best. It made me want to not buy another Lego game in the future. However its not a bad franchise, just a bad game. 

Actual converstation Luke and I had after :

Me : I got platters baby

Luke : Wanna go trade it in?

Me: I'd rather destroy it or burn it

Luke - Speechless- 

Thanks for reading 




Monday, 21 August 2017

LIFESTYLE AND GAMING : August Goal Results

Hello Everyone,

So its time to give you a little update about my Monthly Goals for August!

If you recall they were :

1) I want to have a late summer clear out of my Clothes, Shoes and Bags

Completed:  I really found this goal to be a great exercise for my head. I ended up throwing two huge black bags worth of rubbish out. I also found out that I hold on to way too much, even if its broken. But now, my wardrobe is a blank slate! 

2) I want to try and 100 percent Lego the Hobbit. 

Completed :  I played the game for pretty much two and a half days straight and I will write a review on the game. But a little spoiler is that I really disliked the game. But I set the goal and I kept to it! 

3)  I want to cut and dye my hair. 

Completed :  So I did this and I have already written a post about it. But I had my hair cut and I dyed my hair rose gold. It was only semi permanent so I plan to redye it again next week. It was lovely to have so many people compliment me on the change so it has given me the confidence to do it again! 

I have also made a video about the goals, which you can check out below : 

Check the blog a little later in the week, to find out what I'm going to be working on for September! 

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

GAMING : Loot Gaming's Booty Box

'Ello everyone. 

So the day that I had been awaiting finally arrived yesterday - I received my Loot Gaming box. 

It felt like it took an age to get here but I'm happy to say that it is worth it. 

I will get the moan out of the way first though. 

If you are ordering the box for the first time apparently it will take alot longer to get to you than normal. 

They give you the date range of 28 of the month you pay to the 10th of the following month. 

However mine arrived on the 14th... which doesn't sound long but the Anime box that we ordered on the same day,  again as a new customer,  arrived a good week before. 

Apparently its all down to international customer not being set up on the system... so I am hoping for better things with this months box. 

So below is what I got! 

The Theme was Booty

This is the box that made me sign up as  I love a couple of the games that were going to be featured - Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted and Assassins Creed - I have to admit I have never played Sea of Thieves. 

So Starting top Left  - I got a Sea of Thieves Beach Towel - when it is fully extended it is a red pirate flag. Luke and I are planning on going on Holiday in November so this will great to take to the beach with us. Its really fluffy too.

Next to this is  An Uncharted 4 Leather Pouch and inside is a little surprise. There is a replica metal Dubloon, almost identical to the one that Sam steals and slips into Elena's pocket at the end of the game. This is my favourite item as it feels as if it could be part of the game and its a keepsake that I know that I will treasure. 

Next to it on the bottom left is a figure of Edward Kenway from Assassins Creed Black Flag  - You can't really tell from the picture but its quite big. I can't decide whether to take it out of the box as its got a lovely design on it. Its beautifully painted. I know Luke has got his eye on it too....

Next on the right is the Monthly Gaming Pin - Its in the shape of a pirate coin and its really cool. Again, I think Lukes got his eye on it. I might let him have it as I have the actual coin ;). 

And Last but certainly not least - My other favorite item - A Crash Bandicoot T-Shirt. Its a dark blue and the design on it says Greetings from N Sanity Beach. I cannot wait to rock this. Crash is one of the first games, I remember playing as a kid so it always will have a special place in my heart! 

So thats it for this month. 

You can watch the below video to get a close up of all the items:

Let me know if you want any info on any of the boxes that I have featured this month!

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Friday, 18 August 2017

LIFESTYLE : The Fight back to being Healthy

Hello Everyone, 

I thought that I would write a little post as a kind of an update. 

 I haven't been well both physically and mentally so its time to let you in! 

1) My Ears 

So last week, I woke up with an odd sensation in my right ear. It felt numb and really sensitive to the touch. I also couldn't hear out of it. I went to the doctor and he gave me a course of treatment to try and half a week later... I could hear again. Even when I could hear it was really uncomfortable.  But now its starting to feel alot better. I actually sat there and thought about all the times that I had taken it for granted.... 

2) My anxiety 

Looking back on the last two months, I didn't realize it at the time... but my anxiety was probably the worst its ever been. I had a full scale breakdown. I didn't even want to leave the house. I reached out for help to the Doctor and they were fantastic about everything. I have been put on some medication to help as well as counseling. So I am slowly building myself back up. I have been alot more open with members of my family including my Dad, which was so hard. So, I'm hoping that I can finally get a handle on this thing. 

3) My depression 

Sadly as a byproduct of my Anxiety, my depression also got triggered. I have been doing little things to change my routine and also I have been trying to change the way that I approach certain situations. For Example, I have taken myself off of social media - except for the blog pages and I have been giving myself a time out. So I have an hour gaming or an hour to watch pretty little liars or to read novels / manga. I think also doing the majority of the cooking has helped too as its a nice little creative process. 

I have loved baking also of late so its time to try and smile again. 

4) Side effects of Medication 

Sadly, with new meds comes side effects. When I started them, I was really out of it. I was really sleepy. I couldn't get past 8 at night and I couldn't open my eyes in the morning. It was something that really troubled Luke. But as the days went on, it got a little easier. I also felt really dizzy and achy and I got the munchies real bad. As a consequence, I haven't been to the gym in about 3 weeks. But I am getting to the point where I feel like I can do it, I would have enough energy and in doing so I know that my mood will improve. 

5) Better Diet and Going back to the Gym

As I mentioned, I got the munchies alot, so slowly but surely I am going to try and cut out my new hobby of snacking. I never used to suffer with this too much.  I'm going to try and stock the home with some healthier snacks.  I bought a lot of chocolate which I am intolerant to. So I am doing myself some damage in eating it. I avoided the scales also as I know it just gonna send me back to where I was. mentally. So with this and the gym.... I'm sure I'll get back where I was. 

6) Setting Targets and making lists 

Final thing, I have reinstated the monthly goals that I used to do. I set myself three for this month and I have really enjoyed them so far. I love the sense of completing something. I had a clear out of all my clothes as an example and it was a kind of therapy for me. 

So thats where I'm at at the moment, a bit personal but its kinda there for me to look back on and for you if you too are struggling

. Also for people in my life, please don't worry, I'm getting there 

Thanks for reading 



Thursday, 17 August 2017

ANIME : Attack on Titan

 Hello Everyone, 

So its time to share my thoughts on the Anime, Attack on Titan. 

Please note however, that this is going to be a review of Series one, as the second series hasn't yet come to Netflix. 

I'll probs give in at some point and stream it from somewhere. 

So going in - I had no expectations as Luke hadn't told me anything about it. 

I just knew that alot of people loved it... and I can see why.

So the Premise is that one day, huge humanoid monsters break through a wall protecting a city and start devouring humans. 

Its sounds simple, but its so much more than that. 

Below is the trailer 

The story focus on three kids - later adults and their journey to train to fight these monsters.

 Eren, the main guy, loses his Mother in a brutal way (which you see many times over and over throughout the series) and this drives him to want to kill 'every single titan out there'. 

However this becomes a little bit more difficult when the lines get blurred.... without trying to ruin anything, a Titan is helping the Humans for the first time.... and when another Titan tries to threaten this new union... all hell breaks loose and alot of death occurs. 

The story at times, seems really fucking bleak (now I don't normally swear on the blog but there is no other way to put it). It feels as though we are watching the final death of the Human race. 

There are literally three stone walls between the Titans and the death of humanity. 

What I love about this anime - even though its gory and everyone seems to die - its that it makes you question everything about what it means to be human. 

How you would react - and what is ok and what isn't?

For example, towards the end of the series. One of the Commanding Rangers is also a scientist and she starts experimenting on a couple of the Titans and for me... this didn't sit right. 

Deep down, I felt as if it was not ok.... and here is why. 

Titans are giant humans- basically us. Except they have no gender or sexual organs. They don't talk but have the ability to do so. 

They have intelligence, but don't show it. 

They just happen to be really tall... oh and kill humans for fun. Not to eat them to survive.

For me, they aren't that far away from ourselves and as someone that is against animal testing, it hit a little close to home. 

That it just one example of the thousands of questions that this raises.

One more is the relationship between two of the main characters Eren and Mikasa - they are basically brother and sister in the show. 

So yes not technically blood (the girl is adopted), but alot of people on twitter ship them together. Now, to me its a little bit Game of thronesy but its not like I want them with anyone else. 

(The below is graphic and contains spoilers)

I just feel that it would ruin a beautiful thing, which is their current relationship, if it became romantic. I feel rather protective tbh. 

There are a thousand questions I have that the show hasn't answered yet. 

But one thing I do know. 

Sasha is my favourite character and I fear as with all my favourites... she will die soon. 

So for now please enjoy this beautiful moment....

I'm excited but nervous for series two... 

I'll let you know when I have watched it... 

Until then,

Thanks for reading 



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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

LIFESTYLE : Big Brother 17

Hello Everyone,

So I previously spoke about my love of reality television - On my Love Island review post and I recently finished another one. 

I lost alot of my last couple of weeks to Big Brother UK. I love it simply because underneath it all, it is still a social experiment. 

Its interesting to see how people interact and groups form and change throughout the 50 days. 

However, yes it does annoy me when people go on there for a shot at fame and I think that is something that majorly let this years version down. 

Half of the people on there had already had a shot on another reality TV show. I

 like watching normal people, if I am honest, people that really want to be there. Like Raph in this years version.... he just wanted to go on his favourite TV show. 

For those who haven't seen it 12 or so people are put into a house, shut off from the outside world.. they are controlled by Big Brother, who literally feeds them, controls them and in a way looks after them. 

I think the right person won this year, I'll have to admit at first Isabelle annoyed me when she got into a fight with Lotan and bought his son into the argument. 

But after that she chilled and became a lovely person, she went on the famous big brother journey. 

I'm not going to post any clips on here, because this years version was disgusting, there were so many fights and people sent home... I actually don't know why I watched it all the way through. 

But I am the kind of person that has to see something through once I started it.

I'll probably not watch it next year and I don't plan on watching the Celebrity version that has already started. 

But yeah, If I'm being honest. I doubt it will be on next year. 


Thanks for reading 



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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

FOOD : Madiera Cake with Chocolate Icing and Sprinkles!

Hello Everyone, 

Just a quick post to document my weekly baking target. 

So this week, I baked a nice Madeira Cake. 

It was simple enough and I found that I had a load of icing left over from the Cupcakes I made in Easter for the races. 

So basically I put both together and out popped the below. 

I'll admit, I was a little worried that the cake was rather dry, but I think that the rich chocolate icing kinda counterbalanced it without being too over powering. 

I purely added the sprinkles to jazz it up a little. 

Luke's overall verdict is that he loved it. 

In fact he kept sneaking little pieces of it., which is good. 

I always get uber paranoid that I spend time making something just for it to be crap.

 Plus Luke is so polite he won't tell me if its bad, he'll just eat it. 

So I will have to make it again I feel! 

Once I've practiced it a few times I will share the recipe as it wasn't perfect and some tweaking is required. 

So for now please enjoy these pictures! 

Thanks for reading 



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